Opportunities for Investors

Having been an investor-focused organization since our founding in 1950, Herzer Financial Services goes to great lengths to ensure positive outcomes for its investors.

Herzer Financial Services offers both whole and fractional investments for individual, construction, office and retail space, and other types of property investors.

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Keeping our Investors Protected: Our Lending Philosophy

Herzer Financial Services generally favors asset-based underwriting over credit underwriting. For us, the loan to value ratio (LTV) is the most important number when underwriting a loan. However, we do consider credit, especially for consumer loans.

Herzer Financial Services also has extensive experience underwriting construction and rehab loans. Again, our analysis relies heavily on LTV, with the value being the finished value of the project. Just as importantly, we try to gauge market demand for the proposed home based on square footage, design, and location, among other factors.

Finally, Herzer Financial Services services nearly all loans it originates. This means we collect payments, monitor construction, make collection efforts for late payments, and—in rare cases—hire trustees and attorneys to complete a foreclosure when necessary.

From beginning to end, we operate with our investors’ success in mind.