Consumer Refinance or Purchase Loans

For refinances, we make owner-occupied refinance loans that banks typically won’t. If you need a large cash-out refi or a larger debt consolidation loan, Herzer Financial Services, Inc. will consider many difficult scenarios to find the right fit. Perhaps you wish to do a major remodel, but don’t want to suffer a full bank application? We can help!

For a purchase or refinance Herzer Financial Services, Inc. will consider owner-occupied homes even if the borrower has had a recent foreclosure or short sale.

Not everyone can qualify for a bank loan. In fact, applicants are often turned down for reasons that make little sense. Private lenders don’t restrict themselves from sensible opportunities. We make loans even if you had a gap in employment, had a recent foreclosure or bankruptcy, or have other circumstance that banks find unfavorable. Whatever the reason, we may be able to lend you money to buy your next home.

While we may be forgiving considering current FICO scores, we do want to see that the borrower incurred a one-time event and/or incurred financial difficulty within a confined timeframe. Recent bankruptcies (not less than two years old) will be considered within this scenario. A borrower with a long history of credit abuse, however, will most likely not qualify.

Herzer Financial Services, Inc. considers borrowers with:

  • Less than perfect credit
  • Self-employment
  • Income gaps or unseasoned deposits

We can help you purchase your:

  • First home
  • First investment property
  • Vacation home
  • Land
  • Fixer/distressed property
  • Next home, through a bridge loan that leverages equity on your existing home

Because of increasingly strict lending requirements, more borrowers are being denied loans from traditional lenders. In fact, some private money lenders no longer offer loans on owner-occupied properties.

As a direct, licensed lender, Herzer Financial Services, Inc. processes and underwrites all loans in our office. This means that your paperwork, unlike a bank, doesn’t require outside parties for an underwriting decision, approval, or funding.

Thanks to Herzer Financial Services, Inc. many years of experience and streamlined approach, you receive faster turn-around times, fewer hassles, and incur fewer costs.

The real estate business has become very fast paced and opportunities vanish as quickly as they appear. Real estate loans need to be available very quickly so that you can grab a lucrative opportunity as soon as it appears. One of the qualities that long time borrowers of Herzer Financial Services, Inc. have realized is that we are able to make funds available to you as quickly as possible and with the least amount of paperwork. You will then be able to a make a quick offer on a recent foreclosure or short sale home when it becomes available. Speed and cash has become a necessity to a good deal or good profit.

You can be confident that Herzer Financial Services, Inc. will be there with funds ready when timing is critical.

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